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“Let’s live big, let’s live awesome, let’s strive for greatness, and live the life we always knew we could.”

– Lisa McFarland

A little bit about Lisa

Hello, my name is Lisa McFarland, I am the UK & Ireland’s Leading Relationship Coach & the founder of Relationship Coaching NI. I’m a wife and mother to three almost grown-up children and have established my professional career in the HR industry. During my HR position a friend at work suggested that I do a life coaching course and I haven’t looked back since. It is my mission to educate you on how to have healthy relationships.

During my training I learnt so much about myself, things like limiting beliefs, how to manage fear and anxiety, how to deal with stress and how it effects our bodies in unhealthy ways. During this time I often pondered to myself ‘The world needs to know of these things!’. Let’s take away the shame and guilt and start educating ourselves on our day to day relationships.

Why am I a relationship coach?

As a leading relationship coach, I believe we are all in relationships, either friendships, families or romantic relationship. These can be difficult to manage at times, I believe the tools that I learnt through life coaching are of great benefit when it comes to managing our relationships.

My husband and I have been together 32 years and I can honestly say I am more in love with him now than ever. We use the tools and learning that I received during my training and it has enhanced our relationship beyond belief.

I want to share this knowledge with others. I want coaching to become a normal thing. If you want to get fit you hire a personal trainer, if you want commercial growth your hire a business coach. When it comes to what I believe to be the most important thing, relationships, we just have shame and guilt about asking for help!

It seems like madness to me that we bring all our hurt or pain and bad examples of relationships and think it’s going to work. We would never do this in business or any other part of life but we have shame and guilt about asking for help when it comes to relationships.

My mission is to change this, make it normal to ask for help with relationships, to see it as strength and growth. Let’s be the best versions of ourselves, the people we were brought here to be, ourselves.

Let’s live big, let’s live awesome, let’s strive for greatness, let’s live the life we always knew we could.

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My Goal Is To Offer Long Term Solutions to Short Term Goals


When we have a strong sense of self-worth and self-love, I believe we have a much better chance of having healthy relationships. We are able to communicate our needs and desires, I help woman every day to find more self-worth, it is amazing to then see their relationships grow and become more fulfilling. Two whole people building a beautiful relationship.


Lots of couples have issues in this area. Maybe its differences in libido, or difficulties communicating their needs, or maybe they have totally stopped making love and have turned into a roommate. There are lots of tools to use in all these situations, but we just have never been taught. All just need the advice and education.


This is huge for couples but now many communication techniques do you know? The one I teach all my couples is Five Love Languages, It’s a short quiz and everyone who takes it learns something new about their partner. The five love languages are Time, Touch, Acts of kindness, Words of affirmation and Gifts. Which one is yours?

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What my clients say

I have been feeling very lost and unsure of my new relationship but I have woken up this morning with all of the information you gave me and I feel so confident. I don’t think you have any idea of how you are helping me grow as a person and in a relationship. I felt completely lost and vine called the Samaritans just to figure out what was going on in my life and why other people could have such a hold over me. I now want to become a life coach. You are incredibly inspiring thank you!
The Facebook group is a tight knit community of people striving to be the best version of themselves. There’s no need to be conscious of who’s in the group, or if there’s someone in it you know, as we’re all there for the same reasons – to be the best version of ourselves. Lisa’s group is the perfect place to hold that space for us, and you
Thank you, Lisa. I hope you do too. Thanks for everything. I know it’s early days and we will see where we are by next month. But there has been a massive shift in everything since the last session. I don’t even recognize us! It’s like we are dating again. It’s been a brilliant weekend. Lots of affection, laughs and caring conversations. I don’t know what exactly it was you said but we are doing all the things you said and more. And it’s been amazing. I can’t thank you enough. I know these things take time but the fact there has been a shift at all is half the battle, I think. We have been smiling and hugging nonstop since Friday. And maybe a little more. . Very glad we found you. Hopefully this is the start of a better version of us. I feel like we found each other again. Merry Christmas.
The webinar last night was amazing!! Thank you so much! Really do feel like we have the tools now to deal with our communication better and making sex a priority was another major takeaway! Love your delivery as it really made us laugh.
Webinar Attendee
I have a new found love and care for my relationship. Learned some well needed things. But massively, when you talk about how we need to work on ourselves first, it has a ring of “this seems like it should be obvious” but in reality, aside from my personal counsellor, I have NEVER in my short 27 years of life EVER heard someone encourage self care in this way and clearly explain the benefit and importance of it on other relationships.
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