Exclusive Mentorship Programme for Couples and Individuals

Are you looking to strengthen your bond, improve communication, and reignite the spark in your relationship? Or are you an individual seeking personal growth, self-improvement, and better self-understanding? Lisa McFarland’s exclusive bespoke mentorship program is designed for both couples and individuals. With her expertise and compassionate approach, Lisa offers a comprehensive mentorship experience tailored to help you get the most out of your relationship or your personal journey.

Is This Programme Right For You?

Wondering if Lisa McFarland’s Mentorship Programme could benefit you or your relationship? Consider the following signs:

For Couples

Frequent Conflicts

You and your partner often find yourselves arguing and unable to resolve disagreements effectively.

Poor Communication

You struggle to communicate openly and honestly with each other.

Emotional Distance

You feel disconnected or emotionally distant from your partner.

Lack of Intimacy

Your relationship lacks physical or emotional intimacy.

Unmet Needs

You feel that your needs or your partner’s needs are not being met.

Recurring Issues

You face recurring issues that you can’t seem to move past.


Your relationship feels stagnant, and you’re not growing together as a couple.

Desire for Improvement

You both desire to improve and strengthen your relationship.


You’re unsure about the future of your relationship and need guidance.

Desire to Reignite Passion

You want to reignite the spark and passion in your relationship.

Need for Support

You feel you need expert support to navigate relationship challenges.

For Individuals:

Personal Growth

You want to focus on personal development and self-improvement.


You seek to understand yourself better and work through personal issues.

Life Changes

You’re going through significant life changes and need guidance.

Confidence Building

You want to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Emotional Well-being

You need support to improve your emotional health and well-being.

Goal Setting

You aim to set and achieve personal goals.

Stress Management

You’re looking for ways to manage stress and improve your mental health.

Relationship Skills

You want to develop better relationship skills for future or current relationships.

If any of these resonate with you, Lisa McFarland’s Mentorship Programme can provide the tools and support you need to transform your relationship or personal life.

Your Mentorship Programme Includes

By joining Lisa’s exclusive mentorship program, you will benefit from a range of invaluable resources and personalized support:

3 x 1 -Hour Coaching Sessions

Experience in-depth, personalised coaching sessions with Lisa, focusing on your unique relationship or personal development needs and goals.

Lifetime Access to the Revive Online Course

Valued at £195, gain unlimited access to Lisa's comprehensive online course, designed to guide you through the essentials of building and maintaining healthy relationships or personal growth.

Copy of Lisa's Best-Selling E-Book

Receive a digital copy of Lisa's best-selling e-book, filled with practical advice and insights to support your journey.

Flexible Scheduling

Can't find a suitable time in Lisa's calendar? Lisa will make every effort to accommodate your schedule to ensure you get the support you need.

All This for an Incredible Offer of Only


This comprehensive mentorship program offers exceptional value at just £225. It’s an investment in your relationship or personal growth that will pay dividends for years to come.

Your Mentorship Programme Includes


Benefit from a structured program that holds you accountable, ensuring you stay on track with your personal or relationship goals.

Experience and Tools to Make Changes

Gain access to Lisa’s extensive experience and practical tools that facilitate meaningful change in your life or relationship.

Unlocking Your Programmed Thinking

Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and programmed thinking that may be holding you back.

Discovering Your Goals

Clarify your personal or relationship goals with Lisa’s guidance, setting a clear path for your journey.

Planning a Happier Future

Work with Lisa to create a detailed plan for a more fulfilling and joyful future, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Ready to Transform Your Relationship or Personal Life?

Don’t wait any longer to start improving your relationship or working on your personal development. Let’s educate ourselves on how to create great relationships and achieve personal growth.

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