Be More fulfilled, Find Your Direction and Achieve Your Personal Goals

Life coaching isn’t just for people who know where they want to go, it’s for people who are feeling a little lost, unsure or unhappy with where they currently find themselves in life. Are you ready to start living your best life?

Is life coaching right for you?

We live in a fast paced world now, which means that for a lot of us, we don’t get a moment to pause and think about the direction we are heading. Instead, we focus on the task at hand, then move onto the next task and so on. While this is a helpful tactic to get us through the day, it doesn’t help us ensure we are moving in the right direction and then BOOM…you raise your head one day and wonder, how did I get here.

That’s where life coaching comes in, Life Coaching helps people:

What is a life coach?

Think of your life coach like you think of your coach at the gym. As your life coach, Lisa will work with you to identify and develop your personal strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. Lisa is here to assist you in finding out what makes you happy and holds you accountable for ensuring you make time for you.

Meet Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa

A certified life coach and founder of Relationship Coaching NI. I understand the power of life coaching as I have been through it myself, during my life coach training I learnt so much about myself, things like limiting beliefs, how to manage fear and anxiety, how to deal with stress and how it affects our bodies in unhealthy ways. During this time I often pondered to myself ‘The world needs to know of these things!’. Let’s take away the shame and guilt and start educating ourselves on our to put ourselves first and how to become the best versions of ourselves to ensure we can live happy fulfilled lives.

 Here is what some of our life coaching clients have to say about their journey


10 Week Life Coaching Programme




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Normally: £950 NOW ONLY


How it works

Step 1


 Once purchased you will be emailed a copy of your welcome pack that includes your availability for your first coaching session with Lisa. You will also be accepted into Lisa’s exclusive Facebook community where you can unlock lots of useful tips and tools to help you begin your journey of transformation

Step 2


Bi weekly Lisa will reach out via Whatsapp on a Tuesday & Thursday as part of your accountability check-ins to ensure you continue to make time to work towards yourself, your plans, your goals and your happiness. In addition to this, Lisa will reach out over the 10 week period to book your 5 x coaching sessions (completed via calendly)

Step 3


On completion of your 10-week life coaching programme, Lisa will liaise with you to understand if you are happy to now continue on your journey alone or indeed if you would like additional support for particularly challenging issues that have arisen.

Imagine a life where:

You no longer

felt lost

You no longer

felt scared

You no longer

felt alone

You no longer

feared taking that next big step

You no longer

felt overworked and underappreciated

You no longer

struggled to achieve those life long goals

You no longer

felt negative thoughts the minute you thought about doing something new

You no longer

felt unhappy a lot of the time

Well, through Life Coaching, we can work through all of these constant daily struggles and thoughts to achieve the goals you’ve always wanted and the live the life you’ve always dreamed of. All we have to do is put the work into you.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I start at any time?

 Yes, once purchased Lisa will be in touch to arrange your life coaching start date.

Q. Do you take coaching sessions out of hours?

Unfortunately not however we can book in your 45 min coaching calls during your lunch break to help ensure you are able to attend with minimal disruption to your work/day

Q. How does the accountability check-in WhatsApp work?

 Lisa will reach out to you every other Tuesday & Thursday via WhatsApp to check in, during this check in there will be an ability for some back and fourth advice, support and queries

Q. Do I get lifetime access to Lisa’s Facebook community?

Your access will last the duration of your 10 week life coaching course after which you can subscribe to become a full time member for only £7.99 per month - Zero contract

Q. Will I see results after 10 weeks?

You should immediately feel a shift/change the minute you start investing in life coaching, there are some challenges that are more difficult to overcome than others but by the end of your 10 week course, you should feel empowered and support to make and see the changes needed to better your life

Q. How much does it cost and when do I have to pay it?

The cost is £300 and is require upfront to get started

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