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Are you in a relationship with the person that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with but struggling with feeling connected and intimate?

Just like you work on your friendships, your fitness and your health, you also have to work on your relationship which can be difficult to navigate when we aren’t taught how this is done.

Revive Your Online Coaching Course

For years I have been coaching couples on how to get their relationship back on track and what I have been asked time and time again by couples is:

“is there a way to do this without having face to face coaching because my partner is too embarrassed or too headstrong to open up to a stranger, they just won’t show up”

This is why I have created my Revive’ coaching course designed to improve your relationship together, without shame or embarrassment and from the comfort of your own home. Through this five-week course, you and your person will be guided through breaking down those barriers, addressing your individual relationship needs and identifying healthy practises/communication tools to achieve YOUR BEST RELATIONSHIP YET. Are you ready to be seen, heard and celebrated again?


What's Included

Your ‘Revive Course’ is made up of

 7 x Video Coaching Modules to analyse and identify your personal relationship problems and help guide you through improving your confidence, conflict, communication and connection

Accountability homework to support you during this difficult yet rewarding exercises

Research Based Exercises to support you with overcoming those intimacy barriers

Lifetime access

Throughout this course we will cover the following topics:

Exercises include:

To live an unfulfilled life is no life at all!! I want to make your life/relationship easier, more fulfilled, more connected, and more intimate than ever! By the end of this course, I promise that you will both:

Black Friday Deal:
40% Off With Code BFRevive40


Q&A with Lisa

Revive Course Results

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Get the spark back in your relationship now!
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Frequently asked questions

Is my relationship suitable for Lisa’s support?

If you are struggling with communication, conflict, connection, confidence, sex and intimacy, and repetitive arguments then yes. Lisa’ experience and expertise will help guide you through all of these difficult problems.

Are these courses suitable for same sex couples?

Absolutely! Lisa’s course is designed for all types of relationships and has worked with hundreds of same-sex couples to date.

I’ve never done anything like this before, where do I start?

Lisa has a range of free resources available to help you get a feel for the support and services she provides. We recommend starting off with the Relationship Reconnect Letter and or following Lisa on Instagram

Will I benefit from speaking to Lisa on my own?

Yes, Lisa enjoys one to one coaching sessions and can support you whether you are in a relationship, about to start a relationship or single. Check out Lisa’s one to one coaching sessions here

Can I have one-one or couples coaching with Lisa?

Can I have coaching with Lisa? Yes, Lisa provides one on one and couples coaching, these are completed via Google Meets and can be booked here.

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