Strengthen Your Relationship with the Starting Strong bundle

Love is truly incredible, isn’t it? If you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s likely because you and your partner still share that magical connection, the spark that makes everything feel like the honeymoon phase. You want to keep that magic alive.

While maintaining this connection can be challenging, it’s only difficult because many couples don’t invest the necessary effort to nurture their relationship. That’s where our Starting Strong Bundle comes in.

This bundle is packed with tools and tips designed to help you create an open and safe space for communication with your partner. It offers strategies for handling conflicts healthily because, let’s face it, life is full of stresses, challenges, and worries. As a couple, overcoming these together is essential.

So, let’s keep you on the path to a fulfilling and supportive relationship.

As you navigate the path of love and partnership, here are some positive steps to strengthen your bond:

Foster Open

Engaging in meaningful conversations builds trust.

Nurture Emotional

Ensuring emotional fulfilment deepens your love.

Tackle Challenges

Facing issues as a team enhances resilience.

Show Daily Appreciation

Valuing each other keeps your relationship vibrant.

Cultivate Self-Awareness

Understanding yourself improves your connection.

Do Healthy Conflict

Address disagreements constructively to grow together.

With the Starting Strong Bundle, we’ll guide you toward maintaining a more fulfilling, loving and supportive relationship.

Is the Starting Strong Bundle Right for You?

Do you have a wonderful relationship and want to ensure it stays that way? The Starting Strong Bundle is designed for couples who are committed to maintaining a strong, healthy, and fulfilling partnership.

Perfect For:

Couples Starting a New Chapter: Whether you’re moving in together, planning to get married, starting a family, or simply deepening your commitment, this bundle provides essential tools to navigate the exciting journey ahead.

Individuals Seeking Growth: If you’re committed to personal and relational growth, this bundle offers valuable insights and strategies to enhance your emotional intelligence, communication skills, and intimacy.

Couples Handling Conflict: The Healthy Conflict course equips you with the skills to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and resolve disagreements constructively.

Partners Wanting to Retain Passion: The Igniting Passion course helps retain the flame of love by fostering open communication, intimacy, and understanding.

Couples Aiming to Prioritise Each Other: The Making Our Relationship a Priority course guides you in sharing needs and expectations openly, fostering a deeper connection and mutual support.

With the Starting Strong Bundle, you’ll have the resources to keep your relationship vibrant and resilient.

Unlock the Power of Lasting Love with the Starting Strong Bundle

Welcome to the ultimate toolkit for building a lasting, fulfilling connection. The Starting Strong Bundle is your pathway to a brighter future filled with love, understanding, and joy.

Crafted and hosted by Lisa McFarland, your dedicated relationship coach, this transformative bundle comprises three empowering video courses with homework and exercises designed to equip you with the essential tools for relationship success.

Healthy Conflict:
Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Delve into the heart of emotional intelligence as we explore the interplay between thoughts, emotions, and actions. Learn to manage emotions, strengthen vulnerability, and create a secure, loving environment for your relationship to thrive.

Igniting Passion:
Improving Sex and Intimacy

Keep the flame of your love burning brightly with insights on open communication, safety, and nurturing your intimate connection. Discover how expressing desires ensures vibrant, fulfilling passion.

Making Our Relationship a Priority:
Communicating Needs and Expectations

Revolutionise your relationship by prioritising effective communication. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, openly sharing needs and expectations to foster deeper connections and understanding.

Interactive Homework Assignments

Engage in practical exercises that reinforce course concepts, helping you apply what you learn to real-life situations and strengthen your relationship daily

Unlock Your Relationship's Potential

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(Save £47!)

Invest in your relationship’s future with our Starting Strong bundle offering practical strategies and savings for your journey together.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from expert-led courses crafted by Lisa McFarland, a dedicated relationship coach.

Comprehensive Approach

Cover every aspect of your relationship journey with three empowering video courses.

Practical Application

Gain actionable insights with engaging exercises and homework assignments to apply in your daily life.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to manage emotions, enhance vulnerability and strengthen your bond for a secure, loving relationship.

Passion & Intimacy

Explore the importance of open communication and safety to keep the flame of your love burning brightly.

Effective Communication

Revolutionise your relationship by prioritising effective communication and openly sharing needs and expectations.

Deeper Connections

Foster deep connections and understanding through engaging exercises and practical strategies.

Customisable Learning

Access the courses at your own pace and convenience, fitting into your busy lifestyle.


Empower yourself to create a strong, healthy and joyful relationship by making it a top priority with the Starting Strong bundle.

Endorsed Experiences

Your Path to Relationship Success

Choose Your Bundle: Select the Starting Strong Bundle for three transformative video courses by Lisa McFarland.

Engage at Your Pace: Dive into concise video sessions, designed for your busy schedule.

Master Essential Skills: Learn emotional management, intimacy nurturing, and effective communication.

Apply Insights: Use practical exercises for tangible relationship improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Starting Strong Bundle is designed for couples at any stage of their relationship journey, whether you’re newly together, considering marriage, or seeking to deepen your commitment.

Upon purchasing the bundle, you’ll receive immediate access to the video courses via email. You can watch them at your convenience, from any device with internet access.

Yes, absolutely! The content is crafted to benefit both partners equally, fostering mutual understanding and growth in your relationship.

Each course is designed to be concise yet impactful, with an average duration of 20 minutes. We recommend setting aside time to fully engage with the content and complete any accompanying exercises.

No prior knowledge or experience is required. The courses are designed to be accessible to individuals at all levels of relationship experience.

Alongside the video content, you’ll have access to downloadable resources such as worksheets, reflection questions, and additional reading materials to enhance your learning experience.

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